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Oral Surgery and Dental Implants Procedures in Des Moines

Dental implants are essentially substitute tooth roots that are used to replace original tooth roots. Replacing the entire root helps to preserve the bone that natural tooth roots are embedded in. Missing tooth roots actually can cause bone resorption (deterioration) where teeth are missing. The deterioration of the bone doesn’t just affect the bone itself but has other significant repercussions. Bone deterioration causes facial profiles to collapse, wrinkles to increase around the mouth, lip support to decrease, and noses and chins to appear pointed and too close together. The side effects of bone deterioration can be prevented if the missing tooth roots are replaced with dental implants. This is because the bone forms a strong bond to the implants. The implant begins to function as a natural tooth root and the more it is used as a natural tooth implant the better it is held in place. Dental implants are small and made of titanium, a biocompatible material that is not rejected by the body. They have proven to be very effective with an overall success rate of over 95% and are currently the best long-term treatment available for tooth replacement.

With your confidence in mind, our dental practices offer a full dental implant service either to our patients directly or those referred to us by the many other dental practices that know and trust us. Popular, effective and secure, dental implants replace missing teeth in patients looking for a secure natural looking future for their smile.

Dental implants are cost-effective, permanent, and straight forward to fit. It’s a tribute to the skills and experience of our perfectionist team. We work only with implants and components from one of the world’s most reputable companies in the field, ensuring long-term back-up and reliability.

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