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Dental prevention is an area we, as a team, work tirelessly to improve in all our patients. It’s a real passion of ours, and we back it up with real guidance. There are many areas in which we at Lifepoint Dental Partners are proactive in preventing problems whenever possible, before they begin.

Gum Disease

This is a very common disease among adults, and it still accounts for around 60% of tooth loss in people over the age of 40 with early signs of it present in many young adults. The good news is that it can usually be controlled and may even be eliminated if caught and treated early enough. It’s for this reason that we routinely monitor your gums and keep an eye out for any sign of disease.

Oral Cancer

We check for signs of oral cancer at every examination. Most people are not aware that this form of cancer sadly leads to the death of around 8,000 people a year in the United States. Regular visits to a dentist who is skilled at checking for oral cancer at every opportunity is essential to early detection.

Bad Breath

Our hygiene team is passionate about helping our patients lead more confident lives. We want you to have the freshest, most kissable mouths!

Sports Mouth Guards

These are made-to-measure, of the best quality available, and can be made in a wide variety of colors and patterns. Wearing a mouth guard is essential to prevent potentially serious injury not only to your teeth but also to the head and brain in many sports

Dental Cleanings

At Lifepoint Dental Partners, we believe in a proactive approach to dentistry by means of prevention. It’s always the best way. We prevent future problems in lots of different ways. We conduct regular oral examinations to keep a close eye on the condition of your teeth and gums. We screen for oral cancer at EVERY examination as this can potentially save a life. We are also very well versed in the proper diagnosis and subsequent treatment of TMJ problems (conditions involving the joint connecting the upper and lower jaw bones).

By being proactive, rather than reactive, we can catch potential problems early, before they’re a cause for concern. This gives us the opportunity to provide simpler treatment more effectively, and gives you the reassurance that your good health is being continually protected.

We encourage our patients to receive a dental cleaning every six months. This helps ensure superior oral health and allows our doctors to make sure any necessary treatments required are assessed and delivered in the most timely manner possible. There are many important reasons to schedule a dental cleaning: to prevent gum disease, to detect problems early, to create a treatment regimen that is personalized for your needs, to prevent bad breath and countless other reasons.

Lifepoint Dental specializes in Ultrasonic dental cleaning. Ultrasonic is a process that allows the cleaning to be completed in less time with no metal scraping (the traditional method of scaling). The device uses ultrasonic vibrations to blast tartar off your teeth.


Sealants are applied using a simple, easy process that takes just a few minutes, and can help protect teeth from decay, especially those that are hard to reach with a toothbrush or have deep crevices. Sealants consist of a plastic resin material applied to the tooth surface, which then acts as a shield against food, plaque and acid.


Fluoride treatments can help prevent and reverse tooth decay, using a mineral that occurs naturally in all water sources. These treatments help strengthen teeth and protect them from decay and enamel breakdown that causes cavities. Fluoride also can reverse early decay. The use of fluoride in children under the age of 6 is important in the development of their adult teeth.


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