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Posted October 30, 2015

When the gum disease, gingivitis, advances into periodontitis, surgery might be the best option to remove the infection and repair the damaged gum tissue. If left untreated, periodontitis can have very serious implications to your oral health. It can cause bone loss in the parts of your jaw that anchor your teeth, resulting in tooth loss. The systemic inflammation caused by the infected gum tissue can even affect other medical conditions.

Plaque develops into tartar, which is a substance that sticks to your teeth in a way that only your dentist can remove. Long-term tartar buildup near the gum line can cause your gum tissue to start to pull back from your teeth. This creates pockets in your gums near the root of your teeth that can lead to an infection.

While improvements in your oral hygiene regimen will help keep periodontitis from advancing, in most cases it cannot cure it. If you have suffered from periodontitis for a long period of time, you might require a special surgery to try to restore some of the gum tissue and structure that was lost to infection. In some cases, surgical intervention is the only way to remove the infection and repair the infected gum tissue.

The simplest and oftentimes the most common surgical procedure is gingival flap surgery. In this outpatient procedure the oral surgeon makes a small incision to expose the infected material and removes it. They then adapt your remaining gum tissue to move it farther up your teeth. This restores some of the protection previously afforded by your gums and gives your body the opportunity to heal while reducing inflammation.

If you have gum disease, receding gums or periodontitis and you are concerned that you might need a procedure to resolve it, please feel free to call us at 515.965.5999 to schedule an appointment.

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